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Prenatal Phase

Coming soon


Postpartum Phase 1

Before you Start


Postpartum Phase 2

Core Rehabilitation & Introduction back to Fitness


Postpartum Phase 3

Home Fitness & Healthy Active Lifestyle

About mummy&me

mummy&me aims to create a community that encourages a safe and structured pathway back into fitness with a positive focus on rebuilding healthy active lifestyle habits without the everyday pressures and reminders of ‘baby weight’ and ‘pre-baby bodies’. 

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About me

I’m Lianne, first time mum and fitness fanatic!


With over 10 years experience in the fitness industry, teaching classes and personal training.


I’m a mum on a mission to support and guide other mums with their postpartum recovery through movement and mindset. 

I'm a busy mum of 4 who has really benefitted from the varied workouts on offer at a flick of a switch on my laptop. I look forward to every workout Lianne posts and I can do it in my own time. 

Nimrat Gupta

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