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About mummy&me

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mummy&me is an online community for postpartum mums getting back into fitness and healthy lifestyle habits. It offers step by step postpartum core rehabilitation and daily home workouts, along with top tips and advice from professionals and other mums talking all things bumps, babies and female focused health and wellbeing. 


mummy&me is on a mission to support and guide mums with their postpartum recovery through movement and mindset. We aim to create a community that encourages a safe and structured pathway back into fitness with a positive focus on rebuilding healthy active lifestyle habits without the everyday pressures and reminders of ‘baby weight’ and ‘pre-baby bodies’. 

Our founder 

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I’m Lianne, first time mum and fitness fanatic!


With over 10 years experience in the fitness industry, teaching classes and personal training I found my passion working with females on their health and well-being through exercise. 

Rheya was 5 months old when we entered the first COVID19 lockdown and I decided to keep up my postpartum exercise regime at home. I was amazed at the value and benefits of working out from home; less time spent travelling too and from gyms, no worries about childcare and I could workout at my own pace without feeling as though I was being watched or judged by others to spring back into my pre baby body or fitness levels. 


I hope to inspire, educate and motivate mums through any stage of their postpartum journey in a safe space and positive community with other likeminded mummies.

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