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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’ve just had a baby, are the workouts right for me?

A. Mummy&Me offers a range of workouts and activities for mums in any stage of their postpartum rehabilitation. Once you’ve had your 6-8 postnatal check with a medical professional and have been cleared for exercise you’re good to get started! Before your check you’re welcome to be a part of the community and take part in the pelvic floor exercises and other interactive activities we have on offer.


Q. How do I join the online community?

A. Mummy&Me online community is run through a private facebook group click the link below to request to join   —> 

Q. How much is it to join?

A. Mummy&Me offers pay as you go subscriptions. £15 per month. 3 months £38 SAVE 15%. 6 months £67 SAVE 25%. Payment can be made via our paypal link —> 


Q. I don’t have PayPal is there another way I can pay? 

A. Of course, bank transfer is accepted, please email for the details. 


Q. What else does Mummy&Me have to offer?

A. Each month Mummy&Me teams up with other mums in business for interactive activities, Q&A sessions, LIVE talks and more; baby massage, hypnobirthing, playtime solutions, baby yoga, weaning advise etc. All sessions are recorded so you can catch up with them anytime.


Q. I’m not a “mummy” can I still join?

A. Absolutely! All workouts a female focused designed to trim, tighten and tone. We are inclusive of all ladies, grannies, aunties, cousins, sisters and daughters.


Q. I have 3 teenagers, is this just for new mums?

A. Mummy&Me is designed to support mums in all stages of their postpartum rehabilitation and journey back into fitness. Whether your baby is 14 weeks, 14 months or 14 years old there’s workouts and activities for you! 


Q. I want to lose weight will your classes help?

A. Of course! Any increase in activity will increase your daily calorie expenditure. Activity of any sort teamed with a healthy balanced diet will support effective weight loss.


Q. I don’t live in the UK can I join?

A. Yes, mummy&me is an online platform which can be accessed from across the globe. Although guest speakers and other LIVE activities are delivered on UK GMT you can always watch anything back in your time and catch up at any point.


Q. What do I need for classes?

A. You can take part in all the classes with little to no equipment. Comfy clothing and a supportive pair of trainers are recommended along with an exercise mat. Some classes use resistance bands or dumbbells but if you don’t have these you can follow along without equipment or with homemade weights such as tin cans or water bottles.


Q. What benefit will I gain from your classes?

A. Mummy&Me classes are designed specifically to target female focused areas such as our bottoms and waistlines. Postnatal exercise has many benefits from improving energy levels to helping in postpartum weight loss and even reducing risk of postnatal depression. 


Q. Do you have a trial class before I commit?

A. Absolutely! You can try a taster session of any class via our youtube link here —> 



OR get the bigger picture with a 14 Day Free Trial giving you FULL access to our Mummy&Me members group. Use membership reference 14day —> 





Q. Are pricing plans refundable?

A. With our 14 Day FREE trial you can try before you buy. Memberships are non-refundable other than for medical reasons given in writing by a medical professional advising against exercise. 

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